Using Sobreo to Increase Sales & Attract Customers

Let's take the example of a spirits brand, specifically Tequila for this case study, however, Sobreo mixes equally well with Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Rum and more. Suppose you sold your Tequila to a distributor who sold it to a bar or restaurant that features a Margarita made with your Tequila.

Now imagine a group comes in for drinks before a movie. The group consists of 3 people - Kirk, 50, drinks moderately; Jo, 38, drinks but is health conscious in menu and beverage choices; and Ness, a 21, cannabis user who does not drink alcohol at all.

When we are seated, the bartender informs us of the drinks:

$15 Margarita made with 1oz of your Tequila + 1oz Orange Liqueur, Lime, Salt

$3 Coke

$0 Water

Kirk orders the Margarita, Jo chooses to drink water, and Ness orders a Coke. So, for that ticket, the bar made $18 and served 1oz of your Tequila, your Distributor also distributes the orange liqueur so they sold 2oz, bartender made $3.6 tip @ 20%

Now, let's imagine that the bar sold California Cocktails made with Sobreo in addition to the traditional drinks. The amount of your Tequila used will increase 300% as will almost all of the revenue generated.

When we are seated, the bartender informs us of the cocktail specials:

$15 Margarita 1oz of your Tequila + 1oz Orange Liqueur, Lime, Salt

$15 California Cocktail (lower ABV, less calories, carbs & sugar) 1oz of your Tequila + 1oz Sobreo, Lime, Salt

  • The bar simply substitutes out the orange liqueur for 1oz Sobreo, making the cocktail approximately 100 fewer calories, 16g less carbs, and 8g less sugar, and less abv from the original cocktail. Price per pour will be similar on these two products, therefore drink price remains the same.

$8 California Cocktail AF

  • For this illustration we will use a simple 2oz Sobreo with 4oz Tonic with Lime for our California Cocktail AF

$3 Coke

Kirk orders a Margarita using 1oz of your Tequila. Jo orders a California Cocktail made with 1oz of your Tequila and Sobreo, as described above. Jo ordered another California Cocktail as they were 0g sugar and approximately the abv of a single "classic" Margarita. Ness orders a $8 California Cocktail AF so TikTok will see “something better than pop”. 

For that ticket, the bar made $53 and served 3oz of your Tequila, your distributor now sold 8oz of product.

This means 

  1. You sold 200% more Tequila
  2. You increased the amount of people enjoying your Tequila by 100%, Marketing will love the ROI on that activation
  3. Distributor increased their sales by 300%
  4. 67% of the bar’s guests had a better experience
  5. The bar made 195% more money ($35), they will be happy with your spirit & want to sell more
  6. The bartenders made 195% more money ($7) on a 20% tip, they will be more likely to upsell guests to your California Cocktail Margarita

This case study demonstrates the potential benefits of collaborating with Sobreo into a spirits brand. By offering healthier, California Cocktails made with Sobreo, bars and restaurants can attract a new customer base while still catering to their existing clientele.

Pertaining to mixing non-alcoholic spirits (< 0.5% abv) with Sobreo, please note that while Sobreo is 100% alcohol free if you mix Sobreo with any level of alcohol you should call the California Cocktail nonalcoholic . This will ensure guests with specific sobriety, health or religious requirements are properly informed there may be trace amounts of alcohol in that specific California Cocktail.

To fully realize these benefits, a on-premise can follow the following steps:

Menu Design

One of the simplest ways to incorporate Sobreo into your bar or restaurant's menu is by creating a dedicated section for California Cocktails made with Sobreo. This not only makes it easier for your customers to find and order these healthier cocktails but also highlights them as a unique and special offering. 

You can also consider creating custom California Cocktails that feature your bartender's creativity as the main ingredient. We do have two rules:

  1. Don’t add sugar / simple syrup 
  2. Don’t call your California Cocktail a mocktail

These protect your bartenders from inferring high sugar content which may be viewed as potentially no benefits while ostracizing the customers with changing drinking habits we are specifically drawing in with California Cocktails made with Sobreo.

Training Staff

In order to properly promote and sell California Cocktails made with Sobreo, it's important to train your staff on the unique properties and benefits of the mixer. This includes educating them on the lower calorie, carb, and sugar content of Sobreo compared to traditional mixers, as well as highlighting its organic, zero sugar flavor profiles and versatility by being 100% alcohol free. By empowering your staff with this knowledge, they can confidently recommend Sobreo as a healthier and tastier option to customers and offer creative cocktail ideas with alcohol (Low ABV or Non-Alcoholic 0.5%) or without alcohol. This not only increases the chances of customers choosing California Cocktails made with Sobreo, but it also enhances their overall experience at your establishment. 

In addition to product knowledge, it's important to provide your staff with training on customer service and sales techniques particularly around the guests with specific health or religious requirements that your staff may previously have less interaction with. This can help them engage with customers in a positive and effective manner, building rapport and trust. Encouraging staff to offer recommendations, upsell, and personalize service can all contribute to increased sales and customer experience .

Overall, investing in staff training is a valuable step in promoting and selling California Cocktails made with Sobreo. By arming your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to provide excellent customer service and promote California Cocktails made with Sobreo, you can increase sales, customer satisfaction, and establish your establishment as a go-to destination for delicious and healthy California Cocktails made with Sobreo.

Host a Tasting Event

One great way to raise awareness of your new California Cocktail is to host a tasting event at the bar or restaurant. The event could feature a menu of California Cocktails made with your brand, along with some background on your brand and how you brand is addressing guest requests for more drink choices. This type of event is a great way to get people talking about California Cocktails, and to generate buzz in the local community & media.

Collaboration is Key

Another effective marketing tactic is to collaborate with content creators who can help spread the word about your new California Cocktail. This could involve partnering with accounts who want to create new & innovative cocktails featuring our brands. Easily creating new, fresh content, their viewers want, while sharing where they enjoyed these visually stunning, delicious, new cocktails with their followers on socialmedia. We work with lifestyle or wellness influencers who can share their experiences with your brand and Sobreo highlight the benefits of drinking your California Cocktail. By leveraging the power of influencers, our brands can reach a wider audience and build credibility with new customers.

Social Media Campaigns

Finally, social media campaigns can be a great way to raise awareness of Sobreo and engage with customers. Our brands can use Instagram or TikTok @MixSobreo to share eye-catching photos and videos of California Cocktails made with Sobreo, or to showcase the cocktail's benefits. Our collaboration can run contests or giveaways to incentivize customers to come in and try the product, and to encourage them to share their experiences on social media. By creating engaging content and building a community of followers, our brands can increase its visibility and build a loyal customer base for California Cocktails.

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