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Sobreo is an organic, alcohol & sugar free, replacement for mixers, liqueurs, syrups and more.

Use Sobreo to mix flavor into anything! Mix 1:1 in replacement of a liqueur or syrup in a cocktail. In a mocktail, use as a liqueur or syrup to add to a non alcoholic spirit, or mix it 1:1 in place of alcohol with tonic, juice or soda. It can even be used in baking, or as a sweetener in coffees or teas!

Sobreo is made through a months-long process of macerating botanicals individually, before creating individual ‘blends’ that are then aged over french or american oak charred at specific levels to enhance the flavor profiles of each individual expression.

Sobreo is 100% alcohol free! There are no alcohol-based ingredients or distillates added at any point in the process. Alcohol is naturally occurring in many foods, many bananas can have up to 0.2% abv, and some burger buns can be up to 1.2%abv!

Yes, Sobreo is Kosher certified by MK Kosher

Start with 1 serving of Sobreo mixed with 1 serving of your favorite alcohol spirit or non alcoholic drinks such as non alcoholic spirits.  You can also try 1 serving of Sobreo with Club Soda or Light Tonic to taste, you can drink SObreo like this or mix in a shot of your favorite alcohol.

Secondary, sugar filled liqueurs can easily be replaced by Sobreo.  Syrups and carbonated sodas can also be replaced by Sobreo in your drink?

Sobreo has only 20 calories per serving with 3 grams of Net Carbs & 0 grams of Sugar. Compare that with 100 calories, 16 grams of carbs and 8 grams of sugar (or more) in most other mixers.

A cocktail is a drink made of two or more ingredients, usually containing alcohol and some type of mixer (like Sobreo) . It can be served before, during or after a meal – or just because. Common cocktails include martinis, margaritas, old fashioned and cosmopolitans. To make the perfect cocktail you'll need a few basic ingredients, some ice and the right technique. With these simple steps and a bit of practice, you'll be shaking cocktails like the pros in no time!

Making cocktails is both an art and a science. Start by choosing the base spirit (e.g., vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, gin or rum) and then choose mixers such as Sobreo, club soda, light tonic water or fresh squeezed juice. Measure out each ingredient with a jigger or measuring cup – use recipes as your guide. Then shake or stir your cocktails until they are well-mixed and chilled. Finally, pour your cocktails into glasses and enjoy!

Mixing cocktails is an art form. Start by measuring out the ingredients with a jigger or measuring cup and adding them to a mixing glass or shaker. Then fill your vessel with ice and shake or stir your cocktails until they are well-mixed and chilled. Finally, pour your cocktails into glasses and garnish as desired. With practice you'll be shaking cocktails like a pro in no time!

The best way to serve cocktails is chilled and in an appropriate glass. If you're mixing cocktails, be sure to measure out each ingredient with a jigger or measuring cup – use recipes as your guide. Then shake or stir your cocktails until they are well-mixed and chilled. Finally, pour your cocktails into glasses and garnish as desired. With practice you'll be serving up cocktails like a pro in no time!

Garnishes are what give cocktails their finishing touches. Common cocktail garnishes include olives, citrus wedges and twists, cherries and mint leaves. Depending on the type of drink, you may also want to add a bit of color (for example, with a strawberry or pineapple slice) or aromatics like rosemary or lavender sprigs.

There are so many delicious cocktails to choose from – it all depends on your tastes and preferences. Popular cocktails include martinis, margaritas, mojitos, cosmopolitans and old fashioned. If you're just starting out, try out some classic cocktail recipes. With practice you'll be making cocktails like a pro in no time!

A mocktail is a non-alcoholic beverage made with combinations of non alcoholic spirits with mixers like Sobreo, fresh squeezed juices, club soda and light tonic water. It's like having a mock version of your favorite cocktail - with none of the hangover! If you're looking for something fun and tasty to sip at your next social gathering that won't leave you feeling foggy the next morning, mocktails are definitely worth considering. There's no shortage of options when it comes to mocktails either - from fruity concoctions to spicy creations, there's something for everyone. So go ahead and treat yourself to a mocktail or two this weekend; you'll thank yourself later!

Making mocktails is simple and fun. Start by deciding on a base ingredient like Sobreo Star Anise or Sobreo Cardamom or a non alcoholic spirit such as non alcoholic tequila or non alcoholic whiskey. 

Then choose additional mix, ice and garnishes to create the mocktail of your dreams. Don't be afraid to experiment with different flavors - mocktails are all about creativity! Once you've mixed your concoction together, top it off with an attractive garnish like a cherry or sprig of mint for that extra wow factor. Now you're ready to sip away!

Mocktails are best served cold in a tall, chilled glass with lots of ice cubes and extra garnishes. For mocktails that require blending, such as a mock piña colada, use freshly frozen fruit instead of canned juices for the best flavor. You can also dress up your mocktail by adding colorful straws or small umbrellas to make it look festive. So whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or throwing a special occasion party, mocktails offer an easy and delicious way to keep everyone refreshed.

When it comes to mocktails, presentation is key! Garnishes add a fun and colorful touch as well as flavor. Some great garnish options for mocktails include mint leaves, slices of citrus fruits such as lemons or limes, maraschino cherries, edible flowers, olives or cocktail onions. Be creative when adding your garnish - use multiple colors of fruit for a rainbow effect or try arranging the fruit to make a pattern like a starburst. With mocktails, the possibilities are endless!

Non-alcoholic means that the described product contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume or 1 proof. Alcohol free means it contains 0.0% abv and there is no alcohol in the ingredients. Sobreo is an alcohol free mixer that can be used with or without alcohol to craft homemade cocktails and mocktails.

It’s not about less alcohol - it’s about less calories, and sugar too! You can mix Sobreo as a replacement for those unnecessarily sugary liqueurs and syrups, while keeping the main components, like Tequila, or you can get rid of the alcohol entirely.

Liquor refers to distilled spirits like tequila, whiskey, vodka, wrum, gin, etc.), while a liqueur is a flavored spirit with at least 2.5 percent sugar.

Ever wonder why some booze packs a little more punch than others? It's all in the numbers! ABV is an acronym that stands for alcohol by volume, measuring ethanol content as a percentage. On the flipside, spirits are also described by their "proof," calculated through simple math - just double the drink's ABV. So next time you raise your glass of 50% rum to toast good times ahead, remember it has 100-proof power behind it!

Figuring out how to order a drink can be confusing, so if you want the booze just as it comes straight from nature's bottle go for "neat". Need something chilled? Go ahead and ask for an icy refreshment “on the rocks”. If you're looking to class things up a bit, having your tipple strained into cocktail glasses sans ice will definitely do the trick - simply request “up"! Make sure not get too fancy though – mixups like ordering drinks "straight up on the rocks" are guaranteed to cause confusion!

If you want to impress your friends, the high road is always a good choice—something tall and shiny in one of those fancy highball glasses. But if you're looking for something more understated yet powerful, opt for that lowball tumbler—the kind used by connoisseurs who know what's up when it comes to adult beverages like Indonesian Cinnamon & WHiskey!

When it comes to serving up your favorite drinks, the glassware matters! Using specific glasses for each cocktail perfectly enhances and completes the experience. Highball glasses let you savor fizzy flavors with plenty of bubbles intact; lowballs open up a world of aromas in spirits or cocktails alike; mugs keep hot beverages extra steamy while metal Mint Julep cups make sure those tiki ingredients stay cool as can be. Of course no one should ever use that tedious Martini glass—it's an outdated accessory better off left forgotten forevermore!

Generally, alcohol doesn't like the cold. Most spirits can be left to their own devices on your shelf or bar cart unbothered. Vermouth and other fortified wines must take shelter in the fridge after opening for fear of spoiling quickly! If you're partial to cream-based liqueurs such as Baileys then keep a closer eye - they should last until two years have passed but don't forget what's open while it remains at room temperature. Vodka fanatics need not worry though; if drinks are too warm just place them in the refrigerator – no harm done there!

It's an age old conundrum- the debate over whether to spell whiskey with or without the 'e'. It could be a case of Irish versus Scottish rivalry, as one spells it “whiskey” while other goes for "whisky". Or else there might only be room in your heart and tipple shelf for either US style rye or Scotland's beloved malt. Whatever you choose, chances are you'll still enjoy a good dram!

Believe it or not, tequila isn't the OG of Mexican spirits. Mezcal takes that honor! But what makes mezcal different? Well, aside from its broad range – as you can craft this spirit anywhere in Mexico with various types of agave plants - there's one key factor: smokiness. Why is mezcal more smokey than tequila? It has to do with the way they roast (not steam) their piñas before crushing them up for production... so if your taste buds are craving a bit more complexity and boldness then look no further than delicious mezcal!

If you’re looking to step up your dinner game, consider aperitifs and digestifs! These delectably-named libations are the perfect pre or post meal accessory – just enough alcohol for an alluring taste without ruining digestion. For those seeking quaffable sophistication, Sobreo Gentian and Cardamom offers that classy bittersweet edge. So why not indulge in these Italian favorites? Saluti!

Bitters are the culinary alchemists of your cocktail world. A few drops takes a mixed drink from 'meh' to magical - imparting nutty, floral or even spicy notes that can't be found anywhere else. Adding complexity with just one dash – these concentrated flavorings made using high proof alcohol and natural ingredients like herbs, roots and spices will transform everything you know about mixing cocktails! Plus it's super easy to make bitters: you can learn how to make your own bitters at home in no time flat.

Sugar, lots and lots of sugar and some water. Substitue simple syrup with Sobreo to make your cocktail healthier.

When crafting a cocktail, shaking and stirring are more than showmanship - they have an important purpose. Ten seconds of vigorous motion should create perfect balance in your drink – but if you're making a fussier tipple like Ramos Gin Fizz it could take longer to get the job done!

For the cocktail aficionado, ice can make or break a drink. Regular refrigerator cubes are just not going to do - they'll melt too quickly before chilling your tasty concoction! For best results, use large chunks of molded ice that will slowly mingle with your tipples and keep it cold without watering down its delightful flavors. Or opt for crushed ice if you're making high-alcohol beverages like Mint Juleps. Don't forget you can also freeze clear blocks as well! There are a lot of YouTube videos on this!

A shot of liquid is 1.5 ounces but watch out for double trouble - those glasses fill up to 3-oz! Slip a finger in the glass, literally an inch pour, while 'dram' is most commonly used as slang when referring to whisky neat.

The best way is to look at your mixers first. How much sugar are you pouring in with that Liqueur, Syrup, Tonic Water or Soda? With Sobreo, you’re pouring in flavor, without the sugar.

Non alcoholic spirits are a new way to enjoy an adult beverage without all the booze. They've got the same flavor profiles as gin, vodka and whisky but have been altered with special distilling processes that remove the alcohol content while still leaving behind natural flavors and aromas. Not only do non alcoholic spirits allow you to indulge in a delicious cocktail or mocktail without fear of debilitating hangovers, but they also provide an unexpectedly delightful alternative for non-alcoholic drinkers looking for something unique and flavorful. Whether you’re a non-drinker or just like to keep it low key every now and then, non alcoholic spirits are a great way to make your favorite drinks without any of the guilt. So go ahead - give non alcoholic spirits a try and never look back!

No, Sobreo is a mixer that should be mixed any way you want.

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