About Sobreo

Sobreo is an experience, in create it we had to push the limits of how complex we could make a mixer. Sobreo’s unique flavors are crafted to create a great tasting & full sensory experience.
I mix Sobreo into alcoholic cocktails & non alcoholic cocktails (mocktails), even CBD or THC oil to enjoy incredible new flavors never tasted before. The strength & complexity means you can also enjoy Sobreo straight. Mix Sobreo in hot drinks like tea or coffee & cold drinks like tonic, soda, juice or Kombucha. We are equally excited to see people mix Sobreo with Jack Daniels, Tito's or Bombay Sapphire as we are to see them mix with Lyre’s, Coca-Cola or Starbucks.
With Sobreo you’re not just “mixing a drink” you are influencing the culture of drinking. A product like Sobreo did not previously exist, so mixologists, baristas, influencers, anyone drinking Sobreo will infuse their own culture, flavor, & style which will have a significant influence on how Sobreo is enjoyed around the world.
Our journey began in March 2019 as we spent a year sourcing ingredients from multiple regions around the world, tasting how different soils, weather and variants affected flavor & aroma. Then we needed to understand how little water & how much refining brings out the best tasting flavor.
In 2021 I obsessed over pushing the flavor of Sobreo even further. We started sourcing different varieties of oak to add more complexity, depth & tasting notes. Oak was challenging, learning how different grains, toasting & charr levels on American and French oak affected Sobreo’s color & flavor. Once we knew what oaks provided the flavor we wanted, we had to learn how long to age it for and finally we had to change our refining techniques to ensure Sobreo was smooth without compromising taste & complexity.
Now in 2022 our focus turns to establishing a global network of distributors, retail locations & on premise partners across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.
Thank you to our entire team at Sobreo, I am incredibly grateful for your hard work and dedication & cannot wait to toast the future of Sobreo.
Kirk Reynolds, Founder & CEO