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Introducing Sobreo: Elevating Your Bar Menu to the Next Level

Are you ready to take your bar menu to the next level this season? Meet Sobreo, the ultra-premium mixers that bring the essence of California to your cocktails.

Bartender pours a California Cocktail made with Sobreo

At Sobreo, we believe in excellence in everything we do. From carefully sourcing only the finest organic adaptogens to crafting each mixer with precision, we're committed to delivering a smooth and flavorful drinking experience that your customers will love.

But we don't stop there. We understand that today's bar-goers are looking for more than just quality - they want healthier drinking options too. That's why we've launched the California Cocktails campaign, designed to help you elevate your spirits this season with unique and refreshing cocktails that showcase the vibrant flavors of Sobreo. With our range of mixers, you can create a wide variety of cocktails that cater to all tastes, with or without alcohol, from classic favorites to healthier new variations with lower ABV, fewer calories, carbs or sugar, and without compromising on taste.

Women celebrate summer with a California Cocktail made with Sobreo

Our innovative approach to crafting cocktails with adaptogens and natural ingredients not only make them healthier but give our mixers a unique and delicious flavor profile that sets them apart from the competition.

We know that catering to all customers is key to your success, which is why we've designed a double-sided menu featuring our California Cocktails with alcohol on one side and non-alcoholic California Cocktails on the other. This way, you can offer a wide range of options to your customers, whether they're looking for a healthier cocktail or a non-alcoholic cocktail.

Choosing Sobreo for your bar or restaurant means choosing quality, versatility, sustainability, and support. Our commitment to your success is reflected in the California Cocktails campaign, which provides you with a variety of healthier cocktail recipes, using organic ingredients sourced from around the world, along with marketing support to help you promote them.

Elevate your bar menu this season with Sobreo's ultra-premium mixers and the California Cocktails campaign. Get in touch with us to request samples and start your journey to the next level of cocktail excellence.


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