About Us | Sobreo

Our Story

Because, for too long, when people went drinking, they left a lot of non drinking friends behind! When you Mix Sobreo, any "occasion"can be inclusive, sustainable & a great time!

With or without alcohol and we think that's pretty awesome.

Plant based & alcohol free, Sobreo is the world’s first ultra premium mixer. Handcrafted using the finest, sustainable sourced, organic ingredients with zero sugar.

We wanted to create a beverage anyone would feel good pouring, then, how you mix it will make your Sobreo as unique as you. No one will judge you on how you drink Sobreo, mix Sobreo into a cocktail, a mocktail, with CBD, or straight up with soda. There’s no wrong way to mix Sobreo, you can mix Sobreo hot or cold, it is that inclusive, mix Sobreo any way you want!

Bring a bottle to a party and everyone can enjoy a shot of Sobreo with you, while still mixing in their own taste.  

No different to how you can get Starbucks a million different ways, it’s just you’re doing it with Sobreo instead of coffee. Start with Sobreo and make your next drink something special.