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Sobreo was founded with the goal of creating a more inclusive drinking culture for everyone.

Co-founders Kirk and Jo-Anne Reynolds have experienced the negative impacts of alcohol on mental health firsthand, with Kirk being a former Olympian and functional alcoholic who understands the pressures of drinking all too well.

"Growing up in a family with a history of alcoholism, drinking was normalized early on. During my 15-year Olympic career, I partied and drank excessively at some of the hottest clubs around the world. As long as I could sober up and win a medal, no one would ever question it," Kirk explains.

Together, Kirk and Jo-Anne set out to change the drinking culture and create a more inclusive social experience. They recognized that alcohol-free options were often limited or stigmatized, and that those in recovery could face addiction transfer by substituting alcohol for sugary drinks.

Kirk's reluctance to quit drinking initially centered around his concerns about how his social group would perceive him. "When I first stopped drinking, my biggest worry wasn't my health but rather what my social group would think of me," he reflects. However, Sobreo's California Cocktail proved to be a game-changer in removing the stigma of being a non-drinker.

Co-founder Jo-Anne adds, "Moreover, with Sobreo's healthier and more mindful alternative, I don't have to compromise my health-conscious lifestyle, as a California Cocktail made with Sobreo has lower ABV with fewer calories, carbs, and sugar than traditional cocktails."

Their vision was to make delicious, complex drinks accessible to everyone, regardless of whether or not they contained alcohol. And with Sobreo, they have done just that. Made with the finest organic ingredients sourced from around the world, Sobreo is a mixer that is both alcohol-free and zero-sugar. Every batch is handcrafted over 10 months, ensuring that each bottle is a work of alcohol-free art.

"Sobreo is sustainably sourced from ethical partners around the world to celebrate the unison of one body and one planet," Jo-Anne emphasizes.

Sobreo can be enjoyed with or without alcohol, and is an inclusive option for all drinkers. Whether you choose to mix it with alcohol, cannabis, or non-alcoholic options, Sobreo offers a delicious and complex taste experience.

For Kirk and Jo-Anne, Sobreo is more than just a mixer – it's a symbol of diversity and inclusion in drinking culture. By adding a shot of Sobreo to your California Cocktail, you can join them in disrupting the drinking culture and celebrating a more diverse and inclusive world.

So, why not raise your California Cocktail and toast to a more inclusive future with Sobreo?