Sustainability Is Important In Everything We Do | Sobreo

Sobreo is created exclusively with partners committed to our high standards of quality, health & social responsibility. 

Maintaining positive relationships with sustainable farmers produces the best tasting, organic botanicals, wildcrafted, healthy adaptogens and flavorful oak.

Our water originates on the Bow Glacier north of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada and is one the three main tributaries of the South Saskatchewan River. The Bow River watershed covers an area of 7,770 square kilometers and is the source for nearly 60 percent of Calgary's water supply.

Halal, Kosher, Global Plant Based Certifications ensure significant consideration and commitment to religious & health standards.

Innerstave supplies Sobreo’s unique American & French oak and they holistically supports economic & environmental sustainability through oak complements. The carbon footprint of oak compliments are minimal compared to that of a barrel. Easier production, lower water usage, and more efficient transportation all have a positive environmental & taste impact.

Sobreo’s pure vegetable glycerin is certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. RSPO certification is an assurance to the customer that all companies using palm products must ensure that their own supply chain is sustainable and free from deforestation and conversion of natural ecosystems.

At Sobreo ultra premium means more than just great taste, it’s a commitment to the highest standards of quality, health & social responsibility.