What is neo-hedonism and how does it differ from traditional hedonism?

Neo-hedonism & traditional hedonism both revolve around the pursuit of pleasure & enjoyment, but they differ significantly in their approach & underlying values.

Traditional hedonism is primarily about seeking pleasure & enjoyment, often in a sensory or materialistic sense. It typically emphasizes immediate gratification & indulgence without much consideration for long-term consequences or broader ethical implications. In the context of drinking culture, traditional hedonism might manifest as enjoying drinks purely for their taste & the immediate pleasure or buzz they provide, without much concern for health, societal, or environmental impacts.

Neo-hedonism, on the other hand, represents a more contemporary & conscientious approach to pleasure-seeking. It integrates the traditional pursuit of enjoyment with modern values like mindfulness, sustainability, health consciousness & social responsibility. In the realm of drinking culture, neo-hedonism is reflected in preferences for beverages that are not only enjoyable but also align with personal and societal well-being. This might include choosing drinks that are organic, sustainably produced, lower in alcohol content (or alcohol free), and have less environmental impact. Neo-hedonism encourages a more holistic view of pleasure that balances personal enjoyment with the health of the individual & the planet.

While both traditional hedonism & neo-hedonism are centred on the pursuit of pleasure, neo-hedonism differentiates itself by incorporating a mindful, ethical, & sustainable approach to this pursuit. It reflects a growing awareness & responsibility towards one's health, community & the environment, influencing choices in a more holistic & future-oriented manner.

Neo-hedonistic practices in bars & restaurants focus on providing experiences that align with modern values. These practices contrast with traditional approaches where the emphasis might be more on indulgence & high alcohol consumption, while using signature techniques such as: fat washing, milk clarifying or infusing simple syrups. However, these practices may not resonate with health conscious customers, patrons who don't eat animal fat, have dairy restrictions or don't want sugar added & may be negatively affecting your sales.

By adopting neo-hedonistic practices, bars & restaurants can appeal to a growing segment of the population that values mindful, healthy & sustainable lifestyle choices, while contributing to a more responsible & ethical approach in the hospitality industry.

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