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Get ready to experience the future of drinking!

In sunny California, a team of visionary artists set out to answer a simple question. "Why do we still mix so much sugar in cocktails?"

Jo-Anne Reynolds, Co-founder "We wanted to disrupt the status quo and create a premium, organic, zero-sugar mixer that could be mixed with alcohol, cannabis, or non-alcoholic options." And so, Sobreo was born, and drinking culture was forever altered.

Sobreo is not just a mixer - it's a social experience that celebrates the art of mixing pure, clean ingredients into your perfect, light cocktail.

The master artisans behind Sobreo scour the world for the finest organic botanicals and adaptogens, ensuring that only the best ingredients make it into their blend. With over 30 botanicals per flavor and a meticulous 4-month maceration process, Sobreo has a perfectly balanced flavor and aroma that can only be achieved through expert craftsmanship.

Sobreo is aged with French or American oak for an additional 6 months, giving it a smooth and complex palate that's perfect for creating the foundation of a Light Cocktail. And the best part? Sobreo can be enjoyed with or without alcohol or cannabis!

After aging, Sobreo undergoes a rigorous 12-stage filtration process, and pure glacier water sourced from the Rocky Mountains is added to give it the perfect finish. Every batch is carefully bottled by hand, ensuring that each bottle is a work of alcohol-free art, with zero sugar and no artificial ingredients.

Sobreo is a labor of love, executed with passion and care over a 10-month period, ensuring every step of the process is done by hand. The team takes pride in creating an inclusive drink that's not only delicious but also mindful.

Sobreo is perfect for all drinkers, whether they mix it with alcohol, cannabis, or non-alcoholic options.

Get ready to experience the artistry and dedication that went into handcrafting Sobreo with every sip of your Light Cocktail. It's not just a drink - it's a masterpiece of mindful drinking that's perfect for a new generation of drinker like you.

Join the movement, raise your glass and change the culture of drinking, forever!